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A Show To Shake The Stars

Sep 8, 2021

We’re back to continue reviewing the radio drama for Return of the Jedi! In this episode we’re looking at episode two of the Jedi radio drama, ‘Fast Friends’

Some of the topics that Steve covers during the show include:

  • Why Jabba the Hutt is exactly the same as Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party
  • The reproductive life cycle of the Hutts
  • If a Sarlacc has a bad curry, does it take 1,000 years to digest?
  • Why the key members of the Rebel Alliance would be AWFUL Bothan Spies
  • How do you adapt a number of dialogue free scenes from a movie for radio?

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A Show to Shake the Stars will return soon, looking at Prophesies and Destinies, the third episode of the Jedi radio drama, but in the meantime, May the Force Be with You!