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A Show To Shake The Stars

Feb 17, 2023

We’re back to continue reviewing the radio drama for Return of the Jedi! In this episode we’re looking at episode four of the Jedi radio drama, ‘Pattern and Web’

Some of the topics that Steve covers during the show include

  • CANON! CANON! There is yet another reference to ‘Shadows of the Empire'
  • A link between Star Wars and Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Adapting the speeder bike chase for radio, with mostly successful results
  • The show reaching out to Mark Hamill, with no success at all
  • Threepio has some Coronation tips for King Charles
  • Leia fat shames Wicket!

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A Show to Shake the Stars will return soon, looking at So Turns a Galaxy, So Turns a Wheel, the penultimate episode of the Jedi radio drama, but in the meantime, May the Force Be with You!