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A Show To Shake The Stars

Jan 19, 2023

We’re back to continue reviewing the radio drama for Return of the Jedi! In this episode we’re looking at episode three of the Jedi radio drama, ‘Prophesies and Destinies’

Some of the topics that Steve covers during the show include:

  • Princess Leia getting all ‘John McClane’ on Jabba’s ass’
  • A great new additional scene on the Millennium Falcon
  • CANON! CANON! Steve talks about a reference to ‘Shadows of the Empire’
  • An interesting way in which Brian Daley takes a scene from the start of the movie and dumps it here, to better dramatic effect
  • Obi-Wan gets all Trumpy
  • The Emperor debuts a new game show!

Here’s a link to the Shadows of the Empire blog that Steve talks about:

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A Show to Shake the Stars will return soon, looking at Pattern & Web, the fourth episode of the Jedi radio drama, but in the meantime, May the Force Be with You!