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A Show To Shake The Stars

Jul 14, 2019

Join Steve as he breaks down the eighth episode of The Empire Strikes Back radio drama, 'Dark Lord's Fury'.

In this episode, our heroes in Cloud City fall foul of Darth Vader, who is in a pretty grumpy mood, spouting evil rhetoric all over the place and is generally being a bad ass.

Steve discusses what could well be his favourite scene in the Empire radio drama, as Han and Chewie consider taking Vader on in a fight around the dining table, in a scene that was written especially for radio and does not appear in the film.

Other topics up for discussion include Lando hating his boss, a speaking Lobot and one of the most iconic lines of dialogue in Star Wars. I know.

As mentioned in the episode, you can find the link to the alternate opening for the Star Wars radio drama here:  

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As mentioned in the show, a new and improved Han Solo vote will appear on Twitter soon, under the hashtag #solovote

The show will return soon with 'Gambler's Choice'.