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A Show To Shake The Stars

Jun 10, 2023

We’re back to finish reviewing the radio drama for Return of the Jedi! In this episode we’re looking at the sixth and final episode of the Jedi radio drama, ‘Blood of a Jedi’.

Some of the topics that Steve covers during the show include:

  • Does this episode cram in all that’s left of the story effectively?
  • Steve writes his own scene for the episode and includes it.
  • Some bit part players sound really bored.
  • The staff that work in the sound effects library need a holiday.
  • Threepio appears in some odd scenes.
  • What the hell is a lousy backshooter?

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A Show to Shake the Stars will return soon with a special Return of the Jedi retrospective episode, but in the meantime, May the Force Be with You!